Our Project (English)
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Our vision :
We believe that the practical initiatives of sustainable development aren't broadcasted enough to a large audience and those that are, are not always the most relevant. For far too many, Sustainable Development maintains an image of an inapplicable theory. Without practical illustrations showing its efficiency, it can raise indifference or even suspicion.

Our Mission :
Demonstrate that a sustainable world is possible by studying real sustainable development initiatives and the men and women who initiate them. This includes :
- Defining and selecting relevant initiatives
- Analyzing its goals, means and results
- Understanding what drives the entrepreneur's motivation.

Thanks to the help of experts, as well as through active research, we will study innovative projects and select the best practices with the following aspects: originality, accessibility and duplicability.
Then, we'll check locally the true level of commitment of the project, thanks to the help of NGOs . Finally, we'll meet the entrepreneurs to understand their motivations, as well as the practical results of their individual projects/businesses."

Our Ambition :
Our main goal is to convince people that a sustainable world is possible; applying new methods and convincing everyone (as a manager, consumer, investor or citizen) that they are potential change makers.